Why Do Pitbulls Smile?

Despite having a negative reputation, pitbulls can actually be incredibly loving and adorable dogs.

You need only see the amazingly bright and joyous smiles that can spread across their faces at times to understand this!

Why Do Pitbulls Smile?

Pitbull smiles are totally awesome, but why exactly do they happen? Are they actually smiling? Or does it mean something else entirely?

If you’ve ever caught yourself in awe of your own pitbull’s incredibly bright smile, then you’ve likely also wondered what exactly it meant, and whether it really was a sign of happiness.

If so, make sure to read on below, because we are going to find out, once and for all, why pitbulls smile!

Why Do Pitbulls Smile?

Luckily, you can rest assured that when a pitbull is smiling, it is for a good reason!

When pitbulls smile, it is a direct indication that the dog feels incredibly relaxed, that they are happy in your company, and feel no sense of aggression towards anyone else. 

When a pitbull smiles, it means that its whole body is being relaxed and that all tension is being released.

When the jaw of a pitbull relaxes, it naturally forms a smiling face, complete with the adorable image of the tongue hanging out slightly.

This expression means that a pitbull is comfortable, so if you own your own pitbull, and it smiles in your presence, you can be happy knowing that it feels relaxed and safe around you!

If your dog also smiles while wagging its tail or softening its eyes, it is a surefire bet that it is smiling because it is happy, as tail-wagging is known to be a signal of happiness in dogs. 

Many also believe that, because dogs have been loyal companions to humans for so long, they have also learned how to appeal to our emotions, and thus they know that smiling is a positive response to behavior (You might also want to check out How To Adopt An Emotional Support Dog?) (You might also want to check out How To Adopt An Emotional Support Dog?).

When pitbulls see us smile, it is often because something pleasant has happened, often because the pitbull has done something good, and thus is likely to be rewarded. 

So, when a pitbull smiles, it could also be because it wants you to smile too, or because it wants a little extra treat from the dog treat jar!

Are There Any Other Reasons That A Pitbull May Smile?

Luckily, smiling is pretty much entirely a positive behavior from pitbulls, and it is rare that it would ever be a signal for something being wrong.

Pitbull smiles occur when the pitbull’s entire body is at rest, so you can be sure that it is smiling for good reason.

However, if you are ever concerned that your dog may be smiling to signal you something, such as if it smiles without wagging its tail or softening its eyes, then you can also consult your vet to perform a checkup!

How Do Pitbulls Show Affection?

Pitbulls can be incredibly loving and affectionate animals that simply love the company and attention of humans.

If a pitbull is particularly fond of you, you may find that it likes to be as close to you as it possibly can be. Pitbulls love to lean against you, or may even try to sit on your lap.

Pitbulls can also show great affection by licking you, especially around the face.

Sometimes pitbulls can be so excited by being in the presence of someone they adore by jumping up to try to reach the person’s face. 

Why Do Pitbulls Smile?

Pitbulls will also show their affection by looking at you and wagging their tail, while also letting a big beaming smile spread across their faces. 

Pitbulls are incredibly communicative and affectionate animals that simply adore being around people that they trust.

This also explains why they have an unfair reputation for being aggressive, as they have a tendency to define anyone they do not know or trust yet as a threat, and then attempt to protect those that they love.

Are Pitbulls Loyal To Just One Person?

Definitely not. Though pitbulls can be very fond of specific people, they are also incredibly social and affectionate animals that love to meet new people, so they will tend to love all people they meet equally.

This also means that pitbulls can very easily be rehomed and trained to love a new family.

This is why it is so unfair that pitbulls have earned themselves a reputation as dangerous and threatening animals.

Why Do Pitbulls Stare At You?

Once again, if you have found that a pitbull is staring at you, you can rest assured that it is a sign of affection!

If a pitbull is maintaining prolonged eye contact with you, make sure to reciprocate it, because it can help to strengthen your bond, as the dog’s brain will release oxytocin, which is known as the love hormone. 

To Conclude

We can bet that you are pleased to hear that pitbulls smile as a way of showing contentedness and even happiness.

Pitbulls smile when their bodies release all tension, so it stands to reason that when a pitbull is smiling in your presence, or even while making direct eye contact, it is a sign of affection, as the pitbull feels safe and comfortable in your presence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do Pit Bulls Like To Be Petted?

Pitbulls generally like to be petted towards the neck and the shoulders.

They also particularly like to be petted on the chest, especially when they are sat, as in such a position their chest tends to be quite prominent. 

When petting the neck and the shoulders, make sure to reach in from the side, rather than reaching over the head, as this communicates to the dog that you are being affectionate!

How Do Dogs Say Sorry?

Dogs are able to recognize that they have made mistakes and then communicate that visually.

You will be able to tell that a dog is apologetic if it hangs its head and its eyes become wide. Their tail may also be between their legs.

Why Do Dogs Put Their Paw On You?

If a dog puts its paw on you, it could be a sign that they want more attention, as placing its paw on you mimics the action of your petting them!

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