Unleashing the Truth: The Factors Behind the High Cost of American Bullies

When it comes to American Bullies, the sticker shock for potential buyers is as real as it gets. And it’s not just because they’re cute and cuddly. These dogs require meticulous breeding, upkeep, and health screenings, which add up in terms of money and effort.

Unlike other established dog breeds, the American Bully Dog breed is relatively new, so finding trustworthy breeders can be a daunting task. But with their increasing popularity, trust us when we say that high demand comes with a high price tag.

So why do American Bullies cost so much? It’s simple: You’re not just buying a dog. You’re buying a breed.

American Bully Dogs are expensive due to the demand for them. They are difficult and expensive dogs to breed. Highly valued bloodlines and certified American Bullies are expensive. Unusual coat colors and types push the price up further. Adopting an American Bully Dog is a cheaper option.  

As a veterinarian and proud owner of a rescued American Bully pup, I’m passionate about helping this amazing breed thrive. I know firsthand the unique challenges involved in establishing the American Bully Dog as an official breed. Let’s work together to make it happen!

Why American Bullies Cost So Much

People entering the American Bully Dog market are usually surprised at the prices of puppies. These dogs are expensive to breed, difficult and costly to maintain, and healthy stud animals may be hard to find.

The American Bully Dog breed is newly developed, so finding responsible, ethical breeders is more difficult than with more established older dog breeds.

two amercian bullys. why do american bullys cost so much

American Bullies Are Popular And Demand Is High

American Bully Dogs have become increasingly popular, creating a high demand for them. They are an emerging breed and so still relatively rare.

Wherever there is a high demand and low supply, the price is high. People are prepared to pay exorbitant amounts to own an American Bully Dog. This trend reinforces the high prices charged for a puppy. 

American Bully Bloodline Influences The Cost

This breed is still developing, and proven bloodlines are pivotal in establishing the breed. These bloodlines produce American Bullies that are more expensive than unknown bloodlines.

These are some of the top bloodlines that will empty your purse considerably if you buy a puppy from them:

1.     Razor Edge

2.     Gottilines

3.     Kurupt

4.     Remyline

5.     Colby

6.     Bullseye

7.     Bully Camp Line

8.     Golden Line

9.     Blue King

10.  Kingpin Line

11.  Edge of Gotti Line

12.  Nakamoto Bullies

You may be able to find cheaper bloodlines, but they are often compromised on some characteristics of the typical American Bully Dog.

Breeding An American Bully Is Expensive

Breeding American Bully Dogs is expensive as top stud dogs’ services cost thousands of dollars. Some owners of top stud dogs limit the number of females that can be covered annually, so there may be a waiting list.

Most American Bully Dogs should be able to give birth naturally. Due to their larger heads, there is an increased chance of Caesarian sections being needed.

Certain types, like Pocket Bullies, have more birthing difficulties. This requires an anesthetic and surgery, which increases the cost of puppies.

Dogs can only be bred once they have had health checks, including x-rays and genetic testing. The testing is expensive and ethical breeders pay large amounts to ensure they are breeding healthy dogs.

Some of these tests can only be done at a certain age, and dogs may only breed once they are mature enough. The dog’s upkeep, including food, housing, and healthcare, must be paid for before they produce any puppies.

Pregnant females need supportive diets and veterinary checks. It is not uncommon to lose some puppies from a litter, so fewer puppies are available to sell. Puppies need the correct food and must be vaccinated before being sold.

The cost of breeding is high, which is why American Bully breeders charge high prices for their dogs. 

Show Quality Vs. Pet Quality American Bully Prices

Show quality American Bully puppies will be more expensive than pet quality. Show puppies will show all the correct breed traits and conformation that allow them to win in show rings.

Pet quality puppies do not have anything wrong with them, but they may be slightly bigger or smaller or have a head that is not exactly the right shape. Their conformation is functional but does not meet the exacting standards of American Bully show judges.

If you are not competing with your Bully Dog, choosing a pet-quality puppy can save you money. 

Are Certified American Bullies More Expensive?

Certified or registered American Bully puppies will cost you more. The breeder must pay annual fees to belong to a kennel club and have their kennel registered.

There are fees required to register puppies, and they must have permanent identification markers such as microchips. All of these costs push up the price of certified puppies.  

Do Coat Color And Type Affect American Bully Price?

Certain coat colors and types or classes of American Bully Dogs cost more. Blue and tri-colored Bully Dogs are rare; people typically find rare colors more desirable, so the price increases.

Pocket Bullies or Extreme American Bullies are often more expensive than Standard or Classic Bully Dogs.

What Is The Average Cost Of an American Bully Puppy?

The costs of American Bully puppies vary according to the bloodline, color, and type. Some Bully Dogs have sold for $250 000 to $500 000, but we will look at some average prices.

What Is The Price Of A Pocket American Bully Cost?

 A Pocket American Bully costs $3000 to $8000.

What Does A Standard American Bully Cost?

A Standard American Bully puppy is $2000 to $5000.

How Much Does A Classic American Bully Cost?

Classic American Bully Dogs start at around $ 2500, and their prices are often similar to Standard Bully Dogs. 

How Much Does An Extreme American Bully Cost?

Extreme American Bullies start at about $2500, but their prices vary considerably, depending on the breeder. Micro bullies are extremely difficult to breed as mating, pregnancy, and birth are complicated. They may fetch very high prices.

How Much Does An XL American Bully Cost?

Extra-large (XL) Bullies are often more difficult to breed and cost $5000 to $10 000.

The Problem Of American Bully Puppy Mills

Whenever there is a high demand for a dog breed, unscrupulous breeders set up puppy farms or mills. This occurs with American Bully Dogs as well.

The dogs are bred with no regard for their health or the puppies’ health. They are usually kept in appalling conditions, and the mothers are not fed sufficiently. Puppies may not receive adequate nutrition and are not correctly vaccinated before being sold.  

The underlying motive is to make money while spending the least amount on the dogs. Females are bred every heat cycle and often develop malnutrition. Dogs that need veterinary care are left abandoned or culled.

Unfortunately, American Bully puppy mills take advantage of the public’s ignorance and sell many puppies that are often unhealthy. Puppy mills compromise the health and welfare of the dogs and contravene animal anticruelty laws.

American Bully Backyard Breeders

American Bully backyard breeders are usually pet owners who want to breed a litter or two for their own reasons. Although these people may not intentionally compromise the breed, they do not breed to a standard.

These American Bully pets are not tested for health issues and can produce puppies with genetic predispositions to illness that shorten their lives.

It is best not to buy from backyard breeders as you are not assured of purchasing a healthy puppy. This may cost you much more in veterinary bills over the dog’s life.

What Is The Cost Of Owning An American Bully Dog?

Buying your American Bully Dog is only the beginning of the costs. They are expensive dogs to keep for various reasons that we will explore.

Is Proper Nutrition For American Bullies Expensive?

American Bullies are known for having allergies which can make feeding them expensive. Specialized kibble costs a lot more than regular dog food. You can expect to pay $120 to $200 per month or more for food. If you have an XL Bully Dog, the numbers could be higher.

What Gear And Accessories Do American Bully Dogs Need?

American Bully Dogs need beds, crates, leads, collars, harnesses, and bowls like any other dog. Their collars and harnesses may be more expensive because they are unusually shaped dogs.

Toys are essential for American Bully Dogs as they are big chewers. It is better to provide them with toys than have them chew on your furniture or shoes.

Veterinary And Healthcare Costs For American Bullies

An expense that is difficult to budget for when you buy your American Bully puppy is veterinary bills. American Bullies are prone to several health issues.

1.     Hip and elbow dysplasia are common problems in American Bully Dogs. Buying from a breeder who screens their dogs for hip dysplasia will lessen the chances of your dog having these troubling joint disorders that often require expensive surgery.

2.     Inherited skin diseases are another problem in this breed. These conditions require lifelong medication, management, and special diets. American Bullies are also prone to developing hot spots, which are painful and sometimes called moist eczema.

3.     American Bullies have eye conditions that may be congenital or develop over time. Many of these require surgery by a specialized ophthalmic veterinarian, making them more expensive.   

4.     Congenital heart diseases found in American Bully Dogs may require surgery or lifelong medication, which are expensive and require specialized veterinary care.

Do American Bullies Cost A Lot To Train?

American Bully Dogs are not hard to train. The problem is that many people view them as an aggressive breed. Training them correctly and rigorously is imperative to ensure your dog’s behavior cannot be misinterpreted.

Training sessions vary among states and trainers and cost from $30 to $80 per session. Training is traditionally done twice a week, which causes the training bills to mount quickly.

What Kennel Clubs Register American Bully Dogs?

The United Kennel Club (UK) and the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) register American Bully Dogs. Registration fees apply and must be paid annually if you want to compete in kennel club shows.

Should I Adopt An American Bully Dog?

I encourage people to adopt American Bully Dogs from shelters or breed rescue centers. Adopting a rescued Bully gives the dog a home and reduces the demand for puppies, limiting the market for unethical breeders.

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt An American Bully Dog?

American Bullies may be surrendered to the ASPCA or a breed rescue. There are a number of breed rescues, and searching the internet will give you the one closest to you.

1.     MAS Bully Rescue

2.     Koa Bully Rescue and Sanctuary

3.     NY Bully Crew

4.     Brave Bully Rescue

5.     California Bully Rescue

Adopting a rescued Bully costs between $250 to $350, but each organization has individualized adoption fees and criteria.


American Bully dogs are expensive dogs because they are a rare breed that has become very popular. Numerous factors make them expensive to breed and keep. It is best to adopt a Bully if you can.


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