When Do Pitbulls Go Into Heat?

“Going into heat” is a term that refers to a stage in a female dog’s life. They have reached a level of maturity, meaning that this female dog is now capable of giving birth.

This period is marked by fluctuating estrogen levels and the ability to release eggs.

When Do Pitbulls Go Into Heat?

Dogs can be hard work when they have gone into heat. Thus, you should be aware of when this stage in a dog’s development occurs so that you can give your dog the extra attention that it deserves.

Here is when pitbulls go into heat.

When Do Pitbulls Go Into Heat?

Pitbulls will experience this stage of development around the same time as the majority of dog breeds.

In fact, most breeds are fairly similar in that they will experience this phenomenon at about the same time.

Pitbulls, like other dogs, will first go into heat when they reach 6 months old. This is because this is a key part of the dog’s development, during which it can first give birth.

Some dog breeds won’t develop this ability until they are 12 months old.

The majority of dog breeds will go into heat roughly twice a year, unusually 6 months apart. Pitbulls are the same, though they tend to repeat this cycle every 5 to 8 months.

It is not an idea to breed pitbulls or other dog breeds the first or second time that they go into heat. The female dog is not mature enough for this. 

Plus, puppies that have been born on just the first or second heat have an increased chance of developing health issues. Moreover, these cute puppies can have behavioral issues.

How To Tell If A Pitbull Is On Heat?

There are numerous ways of determining whether a pitbull has gone into heat.

This is because you can notice both behavioral and physical changes. Among the easiest identifiers of this stage of development are:

  • A red or swollen vulva.
  • Urinating with increased frequency.
  • More friendly around other dogs.
  • Bleeding vulva or discharges secreted.
  • Increased aggression.
  • Increased activity around male dogs.

If you notice any of these symptoms and the timing aligns, then your dog is likely on their heat.

You should try to keep a close eye on your dog during this period if you wish to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The 4 Heat Stages

During heat, dogs undergo a cycle. Understanding this cycle can help you empathize with your pitbull. Plus, it can enable you to make suitable behavioral changes.

  • Proestrus: In this first period, the dog starts menstruating. Thus, the dog’s body begins to adapt for mating. As a result, you will likely notice the vulva becoming swollen during this stage. Your dog might also experience discharges frequently during proestrus. During this stage, many dogs often position their tails close to their bodies.
  • Estrus: This stage is all about mating, so dogs become welcoming to male dogs. The behavior of the dog will start to change. They tend to be friendly around male dogs during estrus, but some dogs can also be quite aggressive. She will continue to have a swollen vulva, though blood-stained discharges will be more common during this stage.
  • Diestrus: Unless a dog has become pregnant during the estrus period, then this stage marks a return to how she was. Throughout the diestrus stage, the dog will become less flirtatious with male dogs. She will also eventually stop releasing menstrual fluids.
  • Anestrus: This stage will last for a few months, as it marks the end of the dog’s menstrual period. Essentially, it is a period of inactivity.

What Should You Do To Look After A Pitbull In Heat?

What Should You Do To Look After A Pitbull In Heat?

When your pitbull has entered the heat stage, there are a few things that you can do to protect her. First of all, always keep your dog on her leas.

When you take her for a walk, it is not advised to let her off the leash when it has gone into heat.

Even if your dog normally obeys immediately, the pitbull might become unresponsive during this stage of development.

If you are concerned about your pitbull, don’t be afraid to visit a vet. While discharges and a swollen vulva are common issues, you can always take your pitbull to the vet if you are worried.

If you want to prevent your dog from getting pregnant, then spaying is a valid option. You will have to wait for the heat cycle to end before spaying can occur.

Though spaying might seem cruel, it can actually lengthen a dog’s life. This is because it prevents multiple illnesses. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the pitbull unexpectedly breeding.

Pitbulls can be spayed when they are over 6 months old. If you are uncertain about whether your pitbull is ready for spaying, simply talk to your veterinarian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bathe A Dog In Heat?

Yes, it is fine to give your dog a bath during this cycle.

A bath will not only keep them clean but can also clean your dog. Just be careful, since your dog will have a sensitive vulva during these stages.

Moreover, your dog can experience heightened aggression and other behavioral developments. So if your dog is reluctant to have a bath, it might be best to forego it.

How To Get Rid Of Smell When Dog Is In Heat?

You may notice an unpleasant odor when your dog is experiencing this menstrual stage. There is little that you can do about it, though frequent washes can remove the smell.

Plus, you can use sprays designed specifically for dogs, which will cover the odor partially. To remove the scent from your home, use air fresheners or light some candles.

Final Thoughts

Pitbulls make perfect pets. Though they have a reputation for being aggressive, they can be incredibly gentle dogs. Yet, most pitbulls will be more aggressive when they have gone into heat.

This can be a tough stage of development for pet owners, so be sure to work out when your pitbull goes into heat!

Emily Andrews