How To Get A Pitbull To Release

Once a pit bull sinks its teeth in, it can prove difficult to get it to release. Despite their reputation, pit bulls are not especially aggressive yet their fighting ancestry may come to the fore on occasion.

How To Get A Pitbull To Release

If you do see two pit bulls fighting each other, it can be a concern to get the fight to finish. You should want to intervene and there are ways to get the pit bull to release.

In this guide, we will look at the various measures you can use to get a pit bull to release its bite. This includes grabbing the dog, using water, using a break stick, and twisting their collar.

Grab The Dog

Terriers are renowned for holding on once they bite, unlike other dog breeds who tend to bite and then release. One of the simplest ways to get a pit bull to release its bite is to grab its tail and pull the dog backward.

When possible, you should also opt to try to lift the pit bull into the air and this should work as it should prevent the dog from turning and becoming aggressive towards you.

If two dogs are brawling then you can grab either or both by the hind legs as this will remove their center of gravity and upset their balance.

Use Water  

Water is also a handy and effective way to break up a fight between a pit bull and any other dog. This may be a better option than using a break stick and can be quite refreshing for the dogs.

You can either use a large bucket of water to pour on both dogs or just squirt them momentarily with a hose.

Using A Break Stick

If you are looking after a pit bull, you may want to invest in a break stick. This is a plastic tool that is primarily used to release a pit bull’s bite. Approach the pit bull, straddle it then lock your legs around its hips ideally in front of the hindquarters.

Once your legs are secure around the dog, grab the break stick with one hand.

One hand can be on the pit bull’s collar pulling upward and with the other hand, just put the break stick into the dog’s mouth then twist and it will ease open their jaws as the dog readjusts its grip. 

If you are having trouble effectively releasing the bite then try to insert the break stick just behind the pit bull’s molars and there should be a gap.

You may need to work the stick in to fit it into the gap and it will ideally be inserted around a half to one and a half inches into the pit bull’s mouth.

The break stick is typically designed for a pit bull so would prove less effective on other dog breeds. 

The break stick is a highly effective means of forcing a pit bull to release its bite so most owners should have one at hand.

Terriers are typically known for biting and holding so having a break stick is a safe, easy and effective way to release the pit bull’s grip and stop a fight.

The fighting may be somewhat inevitable as canines are known to be pack animals so with other dogs around, you can expect the occasional fight.

Having a break stick to hand is a simple, cost-effective measure to be a responsible pit bull owner. 

Twist The Collar

If the pit bull is wearing a collar then this is a simple thing to grab which may help release the dog’s bite. Grab the collar and grip it tightly which should help stop the air supply to the dog’s lungs.

This alone should make the pit bull release its bite and can prove quite disarming. Once the pit bull has released its bite, remember to let go of the collar too.

How To Prevent A Pit Bull Attack

Prevention is occasionally better than the cure so you should learn how to prevent a pit bull attack first. There are various measures you can take which include simply not approaching a pit bull if its owner is not around.

How To Get A Pit Bull To Release (1)

If the pit bull does seem aggressive then slowly back away and do not make eye contact with it as this may heighten their aggression.

Though you may be scared, do not scream or run away as the pit bull will think that the chase is on so lower your hands and stand eerily still.

Final Thoughts

Having a break stick should be one of those traits that mark out a responsible pit bull owner as it remains one of the most effective ways of releasing its bite.

There are other methods that can involve getting them wet or jerking the pit bull back by its collar. Ideally, you want to make sure that your hands are away from the pit bull’s mouth.

This may even simply be done by a firm and loud break command if the pit bull is well trained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Device Known As A Break Stick?

The break stick is used to release a pit bull’s bite when it is fighting another dog. The device is placed into the pit bull’s mouth, typically behind the molars and the dog’s bite should be released.

Though a break stick should be effective, pit bulls can be incredibly determined and do not possess an enzyme or specialized mechanism to lock their jaws.

As a dog breed, they do have more of a tendency to be aggressive so it pays to have a break stick available.  

Where Can You Buy A Break Stick?

Break sticks should be commonly available and you may even find one in your local pet store. As with most things, you can order one online but it pays to check the vendors first.

A lot of them can be associated with breeding kennels and so you should only buy a break stick from a vendor that supports animal rescue.

Emily Andrews