Why Pitbulls Should Not Be Banned

Pitbulls are a breed of dog that has sadly garnered a reputation for being aggressive. As a consequence, pitbulls have been banned in numerous countries, including New Zealand, Poland, France, and Denmark.

Why Pitbulls Should Not Be Banned

In this article, we passionately argue that pitbulls should not be banned. There are lots of reasons why we ardently believe that this is the case. With any luck, the following arguments will convince you that pitbulls should not be banned.

Reasons Why Pitbulls Should Not Be Banned

Most Pitbulls Are Not Naturally Aggressive

In our opinion, pitbulls are no more violent than any other kind of dog. Most dogs need training to develop a good personality and to obey commands. Pitbulls are the same.

If it is mistreated or someone neglects to train the pitbull, it can develop a violent personality.

Pitbull puppies are not naturally like this. Instead, negligent owners are responsible for pitbulls developing violent tendencies.

Many owners also fail to socialize their pitbulls, meaning that they are not used to being in the company of other dogs.

They Are Not Made For Fighting

Pitbulls were famously bred because of their capacity for fighting. This is because these dogs have a loyal personality, meaning that they will do whatever their owners want them to.

Pitbulls were also deemed perfect for fighting because of their increased stamina. Because of this, pitbulls have been historically used for blood sports.

Essentially, these dogs have been manipulated into being good at fighting. However, their qualities, such as loyalty and stamina, can be used elsewhere.

These qualities mean that pitbulls can develop close relationships with their owners.

Breed-Specific Legislation Doesn’t Work

Breed-specific legislation, also known as BSL, is a form of legislation in which certain breeds are made illegal. The idea behind these laws is that public safety will be improved by their implementation.

Research has found that this approach does not work. This is because it does not target the root of the problem. It merely bans certain breeds. It fails to punish negligent bad owners, which is the cause of these problems.

As a result, countries or states that implement BSL rarely notice the number of dog-related crimes reducing. This is because bad owners will continue to breed dogs and treat them poorly, resulting in these dogs still attacking people.

To reduce these crime rates, these abusive owners should be targeted.

Pitbulls Can Be Brilliant Pets

Due to their aforementioned loyalty, pitbulls can make ideal pets. Many families have found that this dog breed contributes to their family. Dog owners can form close bonds with their pitbulls.

As long as your pitbull is well-trained, it can become a crucial part of your family. The dog can be affectionate to its owners and is suitable around children. With the right kind of training, this dog can even live with other breeds.

BSL isn’t Cost-Effective

Aside from the fact that it is ineffective, it also costs a lot of money to enforce breed-specific legislation. It has been estimated that the enforcement of this legislation costs just under $480 million every year.

When banned dogs are captured, they will be taken to a kennel. In some cases, they can be exterminated. This is extremely cruel to the dog.

Plus, this adds to the expenses of the law, hence why so much money is being wasted on the enforcement of this legislation.

This seems like a lot of money, especially given how fruitless these laws are. As a result, we believe that BSL, including the laws that are causing pitbulls to be banned, should be abolished.

Innocent Dogs Will Be Murdered

As mentioned, when breeds are banned, illegal dogs can be exterminated. Even if a pitbull is not violent and has never displayed any aggressive tendencies, it can be taken from its owner and wrongfully murdered.

Why Pitbulls Should Not Be Banned (1)

The idea of these beautiful dogs being slaughtered is horrible. Plus, this highlights how badly animals are treated. If you are against the killing of innocent animals, then you will be against the legislation that bans pitbulls.

It is Speciesism

Treating a dog differently based on its breed seems morally wrong. Philosophers have coined the term “speciesism”. This word refers to the treatment of animals based on their species or breed.

It is unfair to treat one breed differently from another. This treatment suggests that one breed is superior to another. This is comparable to ethnocentrism in the human world, which is definitely not an ethical way of thinking.

Pitbulls are Iconic

Pitbulls have become iconic dogs. There are thousands of people across the world who adore these dogs. This means that legitimately good owners who would love a pitbull would be unable to raise it in a country in which pitbulls were banned.

Consequently, pitbulls who deserve good homes will be unable to find them.

There have been numerous famous pitbulls throughout history and media. For example, the three-legged dog in Parks and Recreation, named Champion, is a pitbull.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Pitbulls Misunderstood?

The reason why pitbulls are misunderstood is that they have been given a reputation as aggressive dogs. This is a consequence of the history of the breed. These dogs were bred to have certain characteristics.

These characteristics made pitbulls adept for blood sports, such as rat-baiting. In truth, pitbulls are seldom violent. If they are aggressive, it is usually due to negligent owners.

What Are Pitbulls Good at?

Because they are incredibly loyal dogs, pitbulls are brilliant at protecting their owners. If they perceive a threat, they will ward off any enemies.

This loyalty also results in pitbulls being highly affectionate to humans, no matter their age. Lots of pitbulls enjoy spending time with their owners. Ultimately, these dogs are good for a lot more than just aggression.

Final Thoughts

We passionately feel that pitbulls should not be banned. While we understand that they do not have the best reputation, this dog breed does deserve to be punished.

Instead, the negligent dog owners that have mistreated pitbulls should be the ones who are held accountable!

Emily Andrews