Roundup Review Article: Find the Best Harness For Pitbulls | Vet-Approved Guide

If you’re a proud pitbull owner, then finding the right harness for your pup is essential. It should be sturdy and secure yet also comfortable enough that they won’t mind wearing it. If all this sounds tough to manage – don’t worry! We’ve put together an expert-approved guide to help you find the perfect harness for your pit bull so you can keep them safe and happy on their next walk.

I reviewed six harnesses and found the Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness to be the best overall walking harness for Pitbulls because it is practical and good value for money.

I am a veterinarian who owns a rescued Pitbull. I reviewed harnesses for Pitbulls based on my own experience and knowledge, as well as reviews from vet clients and online reviews, and chose my top six.

The best overall harness for Pitbulls is the Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness. This harness is light and ideal for walking your Pitbull daily. It also has a front chest leash attachment which can be used if your Pitbull pulls. The vest design in the Kurgo Air Harness does not restrict movement.

Different harnesses can be used for different functions, and not every harness suits every dog. I recommend the Phoepet Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness for a strong Pitbull that pulls. The Vavopaw Dog Vehicle Safety Harness is the best harness for Pitbulls in the car.  

The ABest Pet Tactical Dog Harness is the best Pitbull heavy-duty harness, and the EcoBark Mesh Vest Harness is best for Pitbull puppies. The best value harness for Pitbulls is the Puwihoe Harness.

Kurgo Journey Air Harness

Kurgo Journey Air Harness

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PHOEPET No Pull Dog Harness

PHOEPET No Pull Dog Harness

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VavoPaw Dog Vehicle Safety Vest Harness

VavoPaw Dog Vehicle Safety Vest Harness

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I prefer the Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness but the other harnesses are great options too and worth considering depending on your needs.

   1. Best Pitbull Walking Harness (Best Overall)

As a veterinarian, I understand the importance of having the right harness for different dog breeds. Different breeds have different needs when it comes to harnesses, and Pitbulls are no exception. The Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness is one of the best harnesses on the market for Pitbulls, and in this review, I’ll explain why.

The Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness is designed with comfort and safety in mind.

It features:

  1. It has an adjustable chest strap that allows you to customize the fit of the harness to your dog’s body shape.
  2. The breathable mesh fabric helps keep your pup cool during long walks or hikes
  3. The reflective trim increases visibility in low-light conditions.
  4. Two leash attachment points – one on the back and one on the chest – which gives you more control over your pup during walks.
  5. An integrated carabiner clip which allows you to easily attach a leash or other accessories without having to worry about it slipping off or coming undone

I’ve used this harness with several of my Pitbull rescues and they love it! They find it comfortable to wear and don’t seem to mind wearing it for extended periods of time. It also keeps them safe while out on walks; I’ve noticed that they stay close to me even when they get distracted by other dogs or people passing by.


  • Quality, sturdy materials
  • Reflective straps for safety and easy to customize the fit
  • Very comfortable


  • Some owners reported their dogs slipped out due to the design (I don’t think this is a problem with broad-chested Pitbulls!)
  • Can be difficult to adjust for the correct fit

The Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness also has some drawbacks that should be considered before purchasing. For example, some users have reported that their pups were able to slip out of the harness due to its design. Additionally, some owners have found that it can be difficult to adjust the straps correctly in order to get a snug fit around their pup’s body.

When compared to other similar products on the market, such as Ruffwear Webmaster Secure or 2-Ply Latigo Leather Dog Harness w/Studs from Pit Bull Gear, I believe that Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness offers superior performance in terms of comfort and safety for Pitbulls. Its adjustable chest plate ensures a secure fit without compromising your pup’s mobility or breathing capacity while its breathable mesh fabric keeps them cool during long walks or hikes.

The Kurgo Journey Harness is fastened with quick-release buckles, making it easy and fast to put on and take off your Pitbull. It has a handle on the back, allowing the owner to easily lift the dog in emergencies.

This harness comes in five sizes and is available in multiple colors

You can choose one of the brighter colors to make your dog easily visible and I highly recommend you do this (it’s also a bit of fun right?)

 2. Best No-Pull Harness (Best Harness For A Strong Pitbull)

As a veterinarian, I have encountered many Pitbull owners who struggle with their strong, energetic dogs pulling on leash during walks. One product that has consistently shown excellent results in addressing this issue is the Phoepet Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness. In this comprehensive review, I will discuss the product’s features, share my personal experiences with it, and explain why it is the perfect harness for Pitbulls that pull.

The Phoepet Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness has several features specifically designed to cater to the needs of Pitbulls. These include:

  1. Double-layer construction: The harness is made of a high-density, double-layer nylon fabric that provides durability and strength. This is essential for handling the powerful pulling force generated by Pitbulls.
  2. No-pull design: The harness has two attachment points – one on the back and another on the chest. The front attachment discourages pulling by redirecting the dog’s forward motion, while the back attachment provides better control for well-behaved dogs.
  3. Reflective straps: Pitbulls are known for their energy levels, making them prone to sudden movements during walks. The reflective straps on the Phoepet harness increase visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring both you and your dog’s safety.
  4. Adjustable straps: The harness features four adjustable straps, allowing for a snug and comfortable fit around your Pitbull’s unique body shape. Proper fit is crucial in preventing chafing and discomfort.

Personal Experience and Pitbull Patients

In my practice, I have recommended the Phoepet Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness to numerous Pitbull owners struggling with leash pulling. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many reporting significant improvements in their dog’s walking behavior. The front attachment point has been particularly effective in curbing pulling tendencies.


  • Durable and strong construction
  • No-pull design with two attachment points
  • Reflective straps for increased visibility
  • Adjustable for a comfortable fit


  • May take time for your dog to adjust to the front attachment point
  • Harness sizing may vary, requiring careful measurement before purchase

3. Best Pitbull Harness For The Car

Traveling with your Pitbull can be stressful and dangerous if your dog is excitable and jumps all over the car. It is also unnerving to think that your Pitbull might be thrown around in the event of an accident.

To solve these problems, harness manufacturers have developed car safety harnesses for dogs. Auroth developed the VavoPaw Dog Vehicle Safety Pet Harness, and I have chosen this one for Pitbulls.

The Vavopaw Harness keeps you and your Pitbull safe while driving and prevents your dog from damaging the car with its nails when he jumps around.

You do not want to spend extended periods strapping your dog into the car. The Vavopaw Dog Vehicle Safety Harness is easy and quick to use, allowing you to spend minimal time clipping your dog into a safe position.

The travel strap connects to the car safety belt on one end and is inserted into the socket on the other. It is compatible with most cars. If there is a problem with safety belt compatibility, there is a metal carabiner to solve the issue.

The vest is made from durable Oxford Polyester mesh allowing the Pitbull to keep cool. This is an important feature as cars heat up quickly. The vest is padded to prevent it from cutting into the Pitbull if the owner brakes suddenly.

The workmanship on the Vavopaw Safety Harness is excellent, preventing chafing on your Pitbull’s skin.     

4. Best Heavy-Duty Pitbull Harness

Pitbulls are powerful dogs with a lot of energy. Some Pitbulls are bigger and stronger, and when they decide to pull or run, you need a heavy-duty harness. My choice of heavy-duty harness for a Pitbull is the ABest Pet Tactical Dog Harness.

The ABest Pet Tactical Dog Harness is rugged and tough, making it ideal for hiking in rough terrain with your Pitbull. If you and your Pitbull are outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy the wilder side of life, this is the perfect harness.

Best Heavy-Duty Pitbull Harness

Comfort was a priority when designing the ABest Pet Tactical Harness. The design fits well around the Pitbull’s body to prevent rubbing and chafing.

The vest has no pressure points to cause discomfort and damage the skin. The pressure is well distributed over the chest and shoulders.

The vest is made of double-layer rugged mesh, allowing the Pitbull’s skin to breathe. The straps are broad and well-padded.

The ABest Pet Tactical Harness has sturdy solid metal clips and rings that will not break. There are two leash attachments on this durable harness.

One leash attachment is on the back above the shoulders for a more relaxed walk while maintaining good control. The second leash attachment is on the chest for managing Pitbulls that pull.

The ABest Pet Tactical Harness has a thickened, reinforced handle that is easy to grasp without cutting into the handler’s hand. The reinforced handle is well attached to prevent it from tearing loose in emergencies.

ABest provides a detailed sizing guide to ensure you get the right tactical harness for your dog’s body shape. They advise you to complete all the measurements and not just choose a harness based on weight, as body shape affects the fit.

The ABest Pet Tactical Harness’s most popular color is khaki, but it is available in other colors.

5. Best Harness For Pitbull Puppies

It is vital to get a comfortable harness for your Pitbull puppy. This will be the puppy’s first experience with a harness and walking, and it needs to be positive. For this reason, I recommend the EcoBark Mesh Vest Harness for Puppies.

The mesh vest is breathable and prevents the Pitbull puppy from overheating. The vest is designed to be escape-proof to prevent a wiggly Pitbull pup from slipping out.

The EcoBark Mesh Vest comes in a wide range of bright colors, making your puppy easily visible. You can choose the color and fabric pattern based on your preferences. 

There is a wide range of sizes so you can fit your puppy accurately and ensure he is comfortable in the harness. The vest is cushioned, and all seams have a protective shield to prevent rubbing on delicate young Pitbull skin.

The EcoBark Harness prevents choking and pressure on the neck, an essential feature for puppies. There is a back leash attachment, allowing the handler to control the puppy.

EcoBark uses hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly materials to produce their harnesses. They include a video on correctly measuring your Pitbull puppy for a harness.

6. Best Value Harness For Pitbulls

Sometimes when budgets are tight, it is necessary to look at the best value harness for your Pitbull. The Puwihoe Harness is good value at an affordable price.

The Puwihoe Harness is suitable for everyday walking and has two metal ring leash attachment points. It has a back ring for a dog that walks calmly. A front chest attachment can be used as an added anti-pulling attachment for strong dogs raring to go.

 Reflective strips in the Puwihoe Harness straps make the Pitbull more visible at night or in poor visibility conditions.

Puwihoe Harnesses have padded chest and back pieces available in red, orange, black, and royal blue. The chest and back pieces are mesh to allow the skin to breathe and stay healthy.

Puwihoe designed their harnesses to remove pressure from the neck and prevent choking and gagging. The chest piece is well cut back to stop the restriction of shoulder movement.   

The girth straps are well-situated and will not interfere with breathing or leg action. A top handle gives extra control to the Pitbull owner if necessary.

Reviewers were pleased with the quality of the Puwihoe Harness and said it was helpful for their dogs. Most commented that their dogs seemed comfortable in this harness.

Buying Guide For Pitbull Harnesses

Understanding and following some basic principles in harness fitting can help you assess harnesses and choose the best one for your Pitbull.

The Harness Must Be Anatomically Correct For A Pitbull

It is critical to remember that each dog is an individual with a unique body shape. Just as we try on clothes or shoes, you need to check the fit of the harness on your dog. The harness must not interfere with your dog’s movement or rub the skin in any place.

One of the common areas where harnesses cause problems is at the shoulders. The front legs must be able to move freely. The harness should not interfere with the forward movement of the legs and should not sit in the armpits as this will irritate the delicate skin in the area.

Pitbulls have big chests and shoulders. Usually, a cut-out chest piece gives enough freedom for the shoulders to move.

Harnesses Should Not Have Pressure Points

Pressure points occur when excess pressure is placed on specific points on the harness. Buckles and rings should be carefully checked to see if they create a pressure point.

They should never lay directly on the dog’s body. There must be padding between the buckle or ring and the skin. 

Thickened seams or irregularity in the fabric or seams can cause pressure points. The chest area is sensitive to this as the most force is exerted onto chest straps.

Thin Straps Increase Pressure In The Harnesses

Thin straps have a small surface area and, as a result, increase the pressure placed on the dog’s body. This can give rise to bruising and tissue damage as well as make the dog uncomfortable.

It is better to choose broad padded straps or vest-type harnesses as these distribute the pressure evenly. The Pitbull will be more comfortable in one of these harnesses as there is no discomfort from straps cutting into the dog.

Harnesses Should Be Easy To Clean 

Dirty harnesses can irritate and rub the skin. Pitbulls are prone to skin infections, allergies, and inflammation. It is crucial to keep your Pitbull’s harness clean.

A harness that is easy to wash is essential. Nobody wants to make extra work for themselves, and having an easily washable harness makes the chore quick and more likely to be done frequently.

Bright Colour Harnesses With Reflective Strips Keep Pitbulls Safe

Although many Pitbull owners like to have dark macho-type harnesses, these are not always the best for the dog who does not care about fashion.

Brightly colored harnesses or those with luminescent strips help to increase the visibility of your Pitbull. Dogs sometimes break away from their owners and may run into the road or disappear into the bushes.

It is crucial that motorists see your Pitbull easily if it accidentally runs into the road. A bright-colored harness helps you see your dog from a distance and distinguishes him from foliage. 

Sturdy Harness Hardware Is Critical For Pitbulls

Hardware refers to all the buckles and rings found on a harness. Hardware must be durable and strong. Pitbulls are dogs with enormous strength and determination. Having a small or thin ring as a leash attachment is not helpful with a Pitbull that will probably break it.

Clips and buckles should not be made of brittle plastic that snaps easily. Pitbulls can pull hard, and a harness clip that breaks at a crucial moment could lead to nasty accidents. 

Multiple Leash Attachments Are Best

A harness with multiple places to attach a leash allows you to adjust to what suits you and your Pitbull best.

Some handlers prefer a double leash with one leash attached to the chest and the other to the back clip. It is useful to have a harness that allows you to change as you find the best way to walk your Pitbull.

Harnesses With Handles Are Helpful

Handles on harnesses are helpful in various situations. They give the handler more control if the Pitbull needs to be pulled in close and held firmly.

Handles are a lifesaver if your Pitbull falls into a river, dam, or hole and cannot get out. It is much easier for the owner to pull the Pitbull out of danger with a handle attached to the harness.

How To Know If A Harness Fits

If a harness fits correctly, you can fit two fingers under the straps at any point on the harness. When the harness is removed, there should be no marks on your Pitbull’s skin or fur. Finally, the harness should not cause the skin to bunch up anywhere on the dog.

Measuring your Pitbull can help you choose the correct size. To do this, you must measure around the chest’s widest part. This is usually known as the girth measurement. The second measurement must be taken at the base of the neck.

Use a soft measuring tape to accurately measure your Pitbull. Compare your measurements to the sizes of the product you want to buy. If your Pitbull falls between sizes rather, choose the bigger size. You can always adjust the straps to be smaller.

Remember to try the harness on to see if it fits your Pitbull correctly. Just because the measurements match does not mean the dog will be comfortable or the harness a perfect fit.

Different Pitbull physiques make a difference, and harness styles influence the fit. Pitbulls have a more extreme body conformation, and not all off-the-shelf harnesses will fit.    

Round Up

You should choose your dog’s harness carefully based on your Pitbull’s needs, your capabilities, and any special requirements or functions you might need.

You can buy the harnesses by clicking on the following links:

·       Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness

·       Phoepet Upgraded No Pull Pet Harness

·       Vavopaw Vehicle Safety Pet Harness

·       ABest Pet Tactical Harness

·       EcoBark Mesh Vest Harness For Puppies

·       Puwihoe Harness

Emily Andrews