Do French Bulldogs Shed

French bulldogs are rising in popularity due to their compact size without the dreaded yap-yap-yap (they’re not big on barking). Also, their short hair makes their coats appear pretty low maintenance. Even the en vogue Fluffy Frenchie has nothing on the long locks of a Pekingese or a Sheltie.  So do French Bulldogs shed?

French bulldogs shed at least twice a year despite most having a single coat. In addition, some are prone to shedding throughout the year due to genetics or health issues. Thus, you may still need to run a fur lifter over your clothes before you show up to work.

How Often Do French Bulldogs Shed?

French Bulldogs typically shed twice a year. The most extensive shedding occurs in spring and early summer as the weather warms. The lighter shedding season is fall, as they gear up to grow a snuggly winter coat.

However, some French Bulldogs are genetically prone to shedding throughout the year. It isn’t necessarily a lot, but it can mean a quick cuddle with your Frenchie leaves you looking hairy.

Also, while most Frenchies shed much less when compared to a Golden Retriever, the amount of fur released into the wild does vary within the breed. Thus, if you have a new French bulldog and she’s shedding more than those you’ve owned in the past, this doesn’t mean she isn’t purebred.

do french bulldogs shed

Do Fluffy French Frenchies Shed More?

Fluffy Frenchies are purebred French Bulldogs with a recessive gene. Unfortunately, these unique dogs are not recognized as their own breed by the American Kennel Club, nor do they conform to the breed standards.

The recessive gene creates slightly longer hair than your typical French Bulldog, which many find adorable, but could increase the risks of health issues.

However, this length is only long, comparatively speaking. As a result, their fur remains too short to tangle. But because the coats are slightly fluffier, the somewhat longer strands do make it appear as if they shed more. Maybe wear mohair in a matching shade so nobody sees the dog fur on you?

Can A French Bulldog Shed Too Much?

French Bulldogs do not shed a uniform amount across the breed. Thus, “too much” hair loss must be considered dog by dog. So if your normally sheds-twice-a-year Frenchie begins shedding constantly, it is worth checking out. Also, shedding more significant quantities in the past is something to watch.

Lastly, just like pitbulls, shedding should occur fairly evenly across your dog’s coat. If it falls out more from one area, it is usually a sign something is out of whack. But there are other symptoms your Frenchie might be displaying.

Symptoms of Too Much Shedding In French Bulldogs

If you notice that your French Bulldog’s shedding habits have altered due to times of year or amount, keep an eye out for the following symptoms:

  • Has your Frenchie been scratching excessively?
  • Change in coat’s shine and texture, such as becoming dry
  • Has the dog’s coat become unseasonably thin?
  • Has your French Bulldog developed bald spots?
  • Are you finding signs of skin irritation or sores on your pet’s skin?
  • Is your French Bulldog in heat?

If your French Bulldog is in heat, the excessive shedding is normal. However, if any of these other problems occur, it is wise to consult a vet to help you pinpoint the cause.

Reasons For A French Bulldog’s Excessive Shedding

If you notice that your beloved Frenchie is shedding too much, there are many possible reasons. The first, as mentioned above, is that female French Bulldog’s shed more when in heat.

Other possibilities to consider:

  • Allergies to either the food or a preservative
  • Environmental Allegens
  • Thyroid issues
  • Excessive bathing
  • Fleas
  • Using a new shampoo or grooming product
  • Not enough protein or the right types of protein
  • Lacking other necessary nutrients in their diet such as zinc and magnesium
  • Lack of brushing
  • Infection

Can Food And Diet Cause Excessive Shedding In French Bulldogs?

Diet does influence shedding in French Bulldogs, as it does with other dogs. Like other canines, Frenchies need lean animal proteins, complex carbohydrates, and a variety of vitamins and minerals commonly found in fruits and vegetables.

French Bulldogs do not have to be fed the fanciest food available. However, most bargain brands lack the full spectrum of nutrients a Frenchie requires. For example, low omega fatty acids diets will result in a dry and brittle coat that sheds at an increased rate.

But even if you are feeding your French Bulldog a balanced diet, the dog food still might be the reason for excess shedding. This breed is prone to allergies. Common culprits are soy, corn, preservatives, and fillers. The last two are harder to pinpoint.

 It’s advised to avoid fillers as much as possible. Generally (but not always), the cheaper the dog food, the more fillers it contains. Also, just because dogs are reactive to one filler doesn’t mean they are allergic to all of them. Sometimes switching brands fixes the matter. Other times, it’s because the owner switched brands.

Can Brushing Impact Shedding In French Bulldogs?

Brushing can cause excessive shedding in French Bulldogs, but not in the way many assume. Some dog owners look at a typical Frenchie’s short coat and think it means they don’t require daily brushing.

However, brushing a dog isn’t just to remove tangles and excess hair. The process helps distribute healthy and necessary oils throughout your pet’s coat, keeping it healthy and shiny. Brushing also helps remove dust, dander, and other particles that, if left to build up, can irritate a French Bulldog’s skin leading to accelerated fur loss.

Can Bathing Impact Shedding In French Bulldogs?

Bathing can lead to excessive shedding in French Bulldogs. A common culprit comes after bath time when owners forget to dry inside the folds of their Frenchie’s adorable wrinkles. This can cause irritation, infections, and excessive scratching. All of which impact the amount of fur being left behind.

Many Frenchie owners also wash their beloved pets far too frequently. While it is done with love, it strips the canine’s coat of essential oils, drying out the fur and the skin. This can lead to irritation and excessive fur loss.

There is great debate on how often French Bulldogs require bathing. Some say you shouldn’t bathe a French Bulldog more than five times a year. However, that level of infrequency is going to leave apartment dwelling Frenchies smelling a bit too intense for their owners to bear.

Thankfully, some have found a bath every two weeks a workable compromise. The dog is getting bathed enough to keep the owner’s nose happy. But the bathing isn’t so often the poor pup’s skin and coat are not being constantly stripped.

However, some pets are susceptible to pollens and other irritants. These French Bulldogs need frequent bathing to rid their coats of allergens. A vet is best suited to advise which products will help keep your dog’s coat from becoming overly dry while still being mindful of the animal’s sensitives.

Lastly, the bathing products you use on your French Bulldog could be causing skin irritation and, consequently, excessive shedding. If you’ve recently changed brands, perhaps it’s time to return to the old faithful. Alternatively, if you’ve been sticking with the same one for years, it might be time to switch to a hypoallergenic.

Can Coconut Oil Help A French Bulldog Shed Less?

Coconut oil can be a healthy addition to a French Bulldog so long as they are not allergic (some Frenchies seem allergic to everything). Taken orally, coconut oil can improve some dogs’ diet, benefiting their skin and coat.

Some owners also find rubbing a small amount into their fur and skin provides a beneficial and natural moisturizer. However, it is unclear if it reduces shedding.

What we do know is that a healthy French Bulldog with a good coat sheds less than if that same dog is in a less healthy state. So if your pup lacks a bit of healthy fats in their diet or needs a little extra moisturizer, it could help. But if they are already fit and shiny, the shedding will probably remain the same despite the additional coconut oil.

Can Allergies Cause French Bulldogs Shed More?

Allergies can cause French Bulldogs to shed more than they would if healthy. Frenchies can be a sensitive breed and be allergic to all sorts of things. Possibilities include:

  • Pollen
  • Grass seed
  • Food, such as soy, corn, dairy, chicken, preservatives, and fillers
  • Shampoos
  • Detergents

French Bulldogs can also hold excessive moisture or irritants in the folds of their skin. Thus, whether you bathe the dog frequently or on a relaxed schedule, the folds should be checked regularly. They need to be dry and free of buildup.

Can Thyroid Issues Impact A French Bulldog’s Shedding?

Hormone imbalance can impact a French Bulldog’s shedding. Most common in this breed is hypothyroidism. Typically, the condition creates bald patches. Your vet can help you manage the situation, should your pet have it.

What Other Issues Can Cause A French Bulldog To Lose Fur?

Many other health issues can impact a French Bulldog, along with other beloved canines. Common culprits include:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Fungal infections, such as folliculitis
  • Parasites, such as ringworm
  • Kidney issues
  • Stress
  • Mange
  • Bowel Disease

The best treatment for these issues is taking your French Bulldog to the vet. Many of these are easily treated, so don’t panic and assume the worst.


French Bulldogs are not known as excessive shedders. But sometimes, a health issue or a change in products can cause an increase, but these are typically easy to resolve.

Emily Andrews