How Long Do French Bulldogs Live? (Twelve Tips How You Can Help To Increase It)

How Long Do French Bulldogs Live?

The average lifespan of a healthy, well-cared-for French Bulldog is between ten and thirteen years.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that a French Bulldog named Popeye reached the ripe old age of eighteen before dying of cancer which brings us to factors that may shorten your French Bulldog’s life. Fortunately, there are ways of helping your fur friend stay a part of your life for as long as possible.

Nobody knows how long their French Bulldog may live seeing ten to thirteen years is only an indication, and sometimes their early demise has nothing to do with their owners not looking after and caring for them. Therefore, we will discuss the factors that may hinder a long healthy life and what owners can do to prolong their French Bulldog’s life.

How Long Do French Bulldogs Live

Health Factors That May Shorten A French Bulldogs Life

Several factors may shorten your French Bulldogs life, and, in some instances, you will be able to help your Frenchie manage, and in others, you will have no control over it.

The biggest threat to a French Bulldog’s life is its physical body. French Bulldogs are, in fact, miniature English Bulldogs and tend to have the same health challenges.

Following are eight health issues French Bulldogs tend to face due to their physical appearance and breed.

  1. Their unnatural short muzzles make breathing particularly difficult. Imagine laying on the side of your bed, on your back, with your head dangling at the side of it so that you can breathe properly. Then, having to do it night and day, constantly fighting for a good breath of air. French Bulldogs endure this often. Their short muzzles cause them to be out of breath frequently; they have problems sleeping and cannot function in warm temperatures.
  2. Their short noses make them prone to upper respiratory tract infections with the same symptoms as a human cold. In addition, coughing and nasal congestion make breathing even more difficult.
  3. Excess skin around their faces, armpits, crotches, and neck causes skin fold dermatitis.
  4. Another skin condition is called Pyoderma, a bacterial infection of the skin. This condition is caused by wounds and cuts on the skin that becomes infected.
  5. Due to all the inbreeding French Bulldogs are prone to conjunctivitis, which causes eye problems due to viral and bacterial infections or allergic reactions.
  6. Having to deal with your French Bulldogs’ stomach issues is part of being a French Bulldog Owner. They are prone to diarrhea caused by parasites, viruses, and e-coli.
  7. Possessing very narrow ear canals makes French Bulldogs prone to painful ear infections.
  8. Injuries, congenital disorders, and degenerative diseases cause mobility challenges for French Bulldogs. Once again, these are prevalent due to centuries of inbreeding.

Environmental Factors Shortening The Life Of French Bulldogs

Despite all reasonable efforts, environmental factors out of your control may shorten your French Bulldog’s lifespan. These factors include the following.

  1. Remember that no French Bulldog can swim. Due to their physique, they cannot lift their heads enough to keep their short muzzles above water. In addition, they are compact dogs with a heavy bone structure that cause them to sink quickly.
  2. Certain foods cause allergies in dogs, and human foods like chocolate, avocado, and xylitol can lead to severe illness and even death.
  3. Once again, due to their physique, female French Bulldogs cannot give birth naturally and will need veterinarian intervention.
  4. Dangerous animals or even other dogs may kill your French Bulldog should they get into a fight or are perceived as a meal.
  5. French Bulldog owners need to be very careful when spending time near roads, as many dogs lose their lives or get severely injured after being hit by a vehicle.

After reading the above, you may feel sad and helpless as a French Bulldog owner, but there are things you can do that will help extend your Frenchie’s life.

Twelve Tips On Increasing Your French Bulldogs Life

As mentioned before, due to their breed, French Bulldogs are born with certain traits and may have underlying illnesses that may only become apparent later in their lives. Usually, we cannot do much to irradicate these challenges from their lives, but we can help keep them comfortable and manage their challenges to the best of our abilities.

Use the following list to help and assist you in extending your Frenchy’s life.

  1. French Bulldogs love their food and snacks, and because of their charm, we are easily persuaded by their cute faces to overfeed them, which is detrimental to their health. Instead, ensure you feed your Frenchie well-balanced, high-quality foods. Doing this will keep him at the correct weight and help them manage health issues like breathing, weight, and skeletal issues. When in doubt, speak to your veterinarian.
  2. Active dogs are healthy; even if they are not very athletic, they will enjoy playtime, exercise, and short walks. All these will stimulate their minds and keep unwanted pounds at bay. Keep an eye on their breathing to make sure they are comfortable.
  3. If your female falls pregnant, she will need medical assistance and a cesarean section when giving birth. The puppies have giant heads, and her hips are tiny and cannot spread wide enough to allow them to exit through the birth canal. Spaying a female French Bulldog is highly advisable and may prolong her natural life. Studies have shown that spaying or neutering French Bulldogs may add years to their lives.
  4. Due to their short muzzles, this breed is particularly prone to respiratory illnesses that need early detection and treatment. Always remember that your French Bulldog finds it exceedingly difficult to breathe, so keep an eye on his breathing. When you suspect any problems, take him to the veterinarian for examination and treatment. This way, you may add more years to his life.
  5. Dogs cannot tell us when they feel unwell and depend on their human to take them for regular veterinarian visits. Deworming and keeping their vaccinations up to date play a considerable part in their overall health.
  6. Hydration is crucial for all living things. Unfortunately, French Bulldogs do not do well in warm climates or on hot days, and to help them cool off and stay hydrated, you will need to see if they have access to clean water throughout the day.
  7. Regarding water, French Bulldogs cannot swim due to their short muzzles being unable to stay raised above the water surface. In addition, they have heavy bodies that sink quickly. Therefore,  restrict their access to ponds, swimming pools, dams, etc., unless someone supervises them. Doing this may save your Frenchie from premature death.
  8. Never feed your dog any foods that are harmful to them or cause allergic reactions. Certain human foods are poisonous to dogs. If your dog consumes the following foods, you must get them help as soon as possible. Chocolate, xylitol, certain peanut butter brands, and any vegetables related to onions, avocados, nuts, grapes, and raisins are a few examples of dangerous food for French Bulldogs.
  9. The list of hazardous food for French Bulldogs is extensive, so gathering all the necessary information is essential to keep your Bulldog as safe as possible. Never feed your French Bulldog any caffeine or alcohol. It will make them sick, and they may die from the toxins. Granted, in most cases, they may not die from ingesting the above foods and beverages, but when consumed in access, they may develop serious health issues. Best to keep them away from these.
  10. Always keep your French Bulldog behind a fence or enclosure, and remember to use a leash for walks. Unfortunately, too many Frenchies lose their lives or endure severe injuries from being hit by cars.
  11. Rid your garden of any plants that may be poisonous to your pup. Poisonous plants will include the following favorite garden varieties. Azaleas, most lilies, most citrus, tomato leaves, and their stems and bulb plants are dangerous for your Frenchie. The above is not a comprehensive list of dangerous plants, but please take care.
  12. Be vigilant when walking your French Bulldogs in the neighborhood or nature. Bigger dogs may attack them, and wild animals may see them as easy prey. French Bulldogs are not a match for either. In addition, certain toads are poisonous, so keep your Frenchy from sniffing, licking, and playing with them.

What Does The Future Hold For French Bulldogs?

During centuries of attempting to breed the “perfect” French Bulldog, things have gone wrong, leaving these precious dogs with the consequences. French Bulldogs suffer health issues beyond comprehension. So we are glad to confirm that a breeder in the Netherlands is working towards making the French Bulldog’s descendants healthier by re-engineering their faces to breathe more easily.

According to Hawbucks French Bulldogs, French Bulldogs should be allowed to live and function like all other dogs without being restricted by any physical limitations, and we could not agree more.


All French Bulldogs should be labeled fragile, handle with care, and keep this side up as one would when shipping precious items. Frenchies are worthy friends and great companions that deserve all the love and protection you can muster. Long live the French Bulldog!

Emily Andrews