Are American Bullies Aggressive?

Whilst the American Bully might look like an intimidating dog – their muscular body looks powerful and their size can be daunting, not to mention that their reputation is about being tough – they actually aren’t an aggressive dog. 

Are American Bullies Aggressive

They are currently bred for their great companionship and ability to be protective without aggression. In fact, if they do show aggressive behavior, it is considered to be uncharacteristic of the breed.

When it comes to aggressive behavior itself, any dog can show the signs. This is usually due to bad training, and the general handling of the dog. Bullies get a bad rep for being a mean dog.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at bullies in more detail.

What Is An American Bully?

An American Bully, who are commonly also called Bullies, are known to be extremely loyal and affectionate, despite their tough exterior. They can grow to be quite tall, up to 28 inches in fact.

Once trained as a young dog they can enjoy socializing, as well as having human contact no matter the age of the person.

This makes them a great family dog, especially with children as they enjoy lots of exercise and stimulation.

They can also be quite heavy, with some weighing around 120 pounds. With that being said, they might not suit all wannabe dog owners due to this, rather than aggressiveness. 

Are Bullies Dangerous Dogs?

Whilst they can be super intimidating due to their appearance, they are actually kind and loving. They are not dangerous dogs at all, despite the way they are stereotyped to be.

In fact, they have been bred to be companions and protective.

You will find that an American Bully is great for the family and is known to be very intelligent.

Whilst they give out the perception that they are dangerous, they are actually really easy to be trained under a professional or a person who has good leadership, because they are a breed that is eager to please.

Sometimes they can be stubborn (who isn’t) but they also love having attention and lots of care, and giving them this will make sure you have a happy and healthy dog.

Why Might A Bully Be Aggressive?

Any breed of dog can become aggressive. A Bully is said to be aggressive due to how it looks and the fact that in the past it was bred to take part in blood sports.

These days, that has been bred out of it and instead they have become a loyal and loving dog. However, there are reasons that any dog breed might be aggressive.

Most of the time a dog will show aggressive behavior due to general lack of care and no leadership from the owner. This means that they likely haven’t been treated well, not given the sufficient amount of exercise, or training.

It can be dangerous for a dog to be treated this way, as it can cause them to become aggressive. When they are, they can be unpredictable with their behavior.

When they have lots of energy to be released, along with aggression, fear and anxiety, then they might lash out.

So, just like with any breed of dog, a person will need to research all they can about them, and make sure that they give them exactly what they need to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Is It Okay To Own An American Bully With A Family?

Is It Okay To Own An American Bully With A Family

It is absolutely safe to own an American Bully if you have a family. They are even happy to be around any guests you invite over, and strangers who knock on the door.

In fact, you want them to be a part of socializing as much as possible because a well trained Bully is happy to make as many new friends as possible.

So long as they have been trained well, they are considered to be a gentle breed. This means there won’t be a chance of them being aggressive towards you or anyone else.

However, due to their size, you may want to watch when they become excited and accidentally cause damage to the home, or knock people over due to their weight. With some training, this can be managed – and should be!

They also are very protective, however this is quite normal for a lot of breeds. Whilst the American Bully doesn’t actually bark very much, it will warn you of what it might consider potential dangers.

However, if you would like an American Bully to protect the home or as a general guard dog, never attempt to train the dog yourself. This can cause unwanted dangerous behaviors.

Always leave this kind of training to a professional. 

Can An American Bully Live With Another Dog?

One of the best things you can do is to make sure your young American Bully socializes with other dogs.

This ensures that they will not become aggressive towards other dogs, and even cats – though the latter is usually if they have grown up with them.

This is because an American Bully can become a little less tolerant towards other dogs, so they will need to be exposed to other dogs at a young age to nip this in the bud. This should stop any problems occurring in the future.

Also, you will want to keep your eye on the interaction your American Bully has with other dogs.

They are powerful and stopping a scrap can be difficult to separate. Generally they are sweet, though you might want to consider a timed playtime. 

If you see a bit of rough play fighting, it could escalate very fast, so remove them from the situation.

Final Thoughts

American Bullies have a bad reputation for being aggressive dogs due to their size, but once trained well, they can be a wonderful family dog.

So, don’t be intimidated by their looks or size, they are worth introducing to the family as they are great for companionship.

Emily Andrews