What Is A Micro Bully?

If you’re looking for a family dog that can offer you a lot of love, care and affection, then a Micro Bully may be for you.

These lovable canine companions are growing in popularity, and are some of the more sought after bullies currently available.

What Is A Micro Bully

So, let’s take a look at what the Micro Bully is, what you can expect from the breed, what they’ll cost you and what kind of traits and temperament they have. Read on to find out!

What Is A Micro Bully?

A Micro Bully, or a pocket bully is simply a miniature version of the American Bulldog and the American Pitbull.

They are typically crossed between these two breeds, or crossed between an American Bulldog and Patterdale Terrier. 

As this is a mixed and crossbreed, it is not typically recognized by major Kennel Clubs. However, this does not stop people from wanting one of these beautiful bullies for themselves. 

Whilst this type of dog is becoming far more well known, people have been breeding American Pitbull Terriers with Bulldogs since the 1980s to create the American Bully.

Since this dog only grew in popularity, more and more breeders crossed it with smaller breeds to create pocket and miniature versions. 

These dogs are still stocky and chunky like their ancestors, but much smaller and pocket sized, perfect for smaller homes and spaces.

However, they are not classed as ‘small’ dogs, but more medium sized. They’re just smaller than their American Pitbull counterparts. 

Most of the time, these dogs look just like Pitbulls, but appear shorter.

They are just as energetic and busy, like the Pitbull and have the muscular frame and large head that you would expect from that breed.

They may also inherit color genes from their parents, appearing in those gorgeous blue and mixed colors that you can find in Pitbulls. They are very rarely ever one block color all over.

They will typically have large, broad heads with short muzzles and a slightly flattened face.

The ears naturally flop, but some breeders may crop them for aesthetic value, however they should not be doing this.

With a broad, strong chest, but little short legs, these pups are cute as a button. 

What Breeds Make Up A Micro Bully?

A micro bully or pocket bully is bred with an American Bulldog and an American Pitbull Terrier.

These breeds are therefore crossed to create this miniature version of a Pitbull.

The Micro Bully is actually recognized by the American Bully Kennel Club since around 2004, and is only becoming increasingly popular for its cute, small stature and friendly nature.

What Are Micro Bullies Like?

Micro bullies are bred to be companion dogs. As such, they can be very affectionate and loving, and adore being around their family members.

Despite their short legs, these dogs love running around and going on walks, so don’t think they won’t need exercise and lots of stimulation! 

However, you won’t find a better family dog. They are incredibly loyal and devoted companions and will love pleasing their owner, making them highly trainable.

Generally, these dogs are affectionate and gentle towards children with good training and socialization from a young age. They’re also kind and great with strangers.

What Size Are Micro Bullies?

What Size Are Micro Bullies

Micro bullies, as you know, are very small versions of bullies. As a result, this dog breed can be very short, measuring around 12 to 16 inches tall and weighing around only 11 to 22 pounds.

For a dog to be considered a micro bully, and recognized as one, it has to meet the breed standard.

This means that it should be under 17 inches tall, and the weight must be proportionate to the height of the dog. 

If the dog is not the right weight in regards to their height, then they could be prone to health conditions such as hip dysplasia and bowed front and back legs.

This can result in a shorter lifespan and a lot of pain throughout their lives.

How Much Is A Micro Bully?

American Bullies can be very expensive, but as the micro bully is a well sought after relation to this beed, you can expect to pay a lot more.

American Bullies can cost anywhere from $500 up to $1000 depending on the breeder, temperament, lineage and other factors.

In reference to that, a pocket bully or micro bully can cost up to three times this much.

Some micro bullies can cost from $1500 to $2000, whereas some breeders with much experience and exotic versions and color combinations can charge up to $8000 for a micro bully puppy.

The reason for the price increase is because micro bullies are considered a designer breed.

They are highly popular as they offer the aesthetics and style of a normal bully, but in a smaller, more compact size. 

You will need to look for a reputable breeder with many years of experience and a license. This is to ensure you get the healthiest dog possible.

As this is a cross breed, you may find it hard to come across a pocket bully or micro bully.

This is because they are not accepted as the breed standard, and are a variation of the American Bully. 

Wherever you decide to purchase a micro bully from, please ensure the pup is health tested and ensure the parents are health tested and hip scored so that you know you are getting a puppy or quality rather than a mass produced or farmed puppy.  


To summarize, micro bullies or pocket bullies are much like miniature American Bullies.

They are incredibly devoted to their owners as they are bred to be kind, loving companion dogs.

These dogs are increasingly popular, so you can expect to pay a heavier price tag and some difficulty in finding a well bred puppy to take home. 

Emily Andrews