What Are Rescue Dogs?

Dogs truly are mankind’s best friend. You’ll never know the love and affection a dog can give until you get one for yourself.

There’s nothing better than coming home to your best friend and seeing their face light up, with their tail wagging uncontrollably.

Who else could give you such a warm welcome when you return home?

What Are Rescue Dogs?

Our dogs are with us every single day of their lives, and they’ll quickly become a companion that you can’t live without.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a dog, then you should know what kind of dog to get, and how to go about getting one. 

We always try to promote adopting a dog rather than shopping for one as there are plenty of shelters and rescues out there filled with dogs looking for homes.

So, what is a rescue dog?  

What Are Rescue Dogs?

Rescue dogs by definition are dogs that need to be rehomed, are being rehomed or have been surrendered by their original owners.

These dogs may have been given up to the rescue by the owners themselves, or left abandoned and the rescue has taken them in. 

Dogs may become rescue dogs for a number of reasons.

Sometimes, owners are not mentally prepared or physically prepared for the time and energy that goes into caring for a dog, and may find that after some time it becomes too much for them.

They may then give up their dog and leave it at a rescue to be rehomed.

In other cases, some owners may give up their dogs because they no longer fit in with their lifestyle.

Whether they have moved home and their landlord won’t allow pets, or perhaps a change in job and circumstances means that they can no longer care for their pet. 

In the most unfortunate cases, irresponsible owners may not have trained their pets from a young age, and may have failed to socialize them.

For some breeds, this can be detrimental to the dog and they may become defensive, territorial or aggressive towards other animals, people and children within the home, making them unsafe to be around.

In those events, owners may take their dog to a rescue as they don’t know what to do with them. 

Additionally, some dogs may have been rescued by animal control, charities or the shelter themselves due to poor living conditions, or in the case that the dog has been abandoned or abused in some way. 

This is where the term ‘rescue dog’ comes from, as more often than not, these dogs are rescued from unfortunate circumstances and offered a second chance at life with a new family that are willing to love and care for them in the way they deserve.  

Why Should You Get A Rescue Dog?

Why Should You Get A Rescue Dog?

Rescue dogs are not always aggressive, dangerous dogs that no one else wants. Many dogs are given to rescues due to unfortunate situations.

For instance, if an elderly person passes away or goes into hospital and can no longer care for the dog, then the pet may go to a rescue to be rehomed or adopted by someone else. 

In the most common cases, many dogs are abandoned because they were never sold as puppies, or because owner’s moved away and no longer wanted to care for them.

This is no reason for them to not have their own home and family to love. Due to overbreeding, rescues are filled with puppies and dogs of all ages just waiting for homes. 

Rescuing a dog is a great choice as you are not contributing to the issue of overbreeding of dogs, and giving a dog a second chance.

You’re also saving a dog or saving a life if they are at a kill shelter, and ensuring they don’t have to live out their days in a small enclosure without the care and affection of an owner that dogs crave.

Don’t get us wrong- rescue dogs are well cared for in shelters, but they need a home to reside in with an owner they can build a close bond with. 

If you are experienced, then you can also put the work in and train a dog that has been given up because it is unruly, aggressive or if it has behavioral problems.

This will give them the chance and patience they deserve to be a pet that can be loved. 

In addition, you can save spending thousands of dollars on a dog from a breeder, and instead you can donate to the shelter that works each day to save and protect these animals. 

Another reason is that you could adopt an older pet that has been given up.

This can bring you so much joy as you get unconditional love in turn for giving them a safe space to live out the rest of their days. 

How To Get A Rescue Dog

Before getting a rescue dog, you’ll need to do some research into what kind of dog would suit your lifestyle. Luckily, rescues are very careful as to who the dogs go to ensure their safety.

You will need to go to the rescue, spend time with the dogs and get a feel for one that would be right for you. 

In most cases, you will also then need to fill out an application to see if you are the right owner for the dog, and make a donation or pay a small fee in order to adopt it.

The process is similar for many rescues, but each dog may have their own requirements such as a large backyard or another resident dog to build up their confidence. 


To summarize, a rescue dog is simply a dog that has been rescued and taken to a dog shelter or rescue.

Most are given up by owners or taken from unfortunate circumstances due to abuse, neglect or abandonment.

With a rescue dog, you’ll get unconditional love for the rest of their life, and a companion that you’ll never forget.

Emily Andrews