How Many Puppies Can A Pitbull Have?

Puppies are absolutely precious. There is nothing better than playing with a cute little puppy. They can bring so much joy to a person’s life.

Yet, for pet owners, it can be hard to support their pregnant dog. There is tons of information about dog pregnancy that you will need to know.

How Many Puppies Can A Pitbull Have?

This includes how many puppies your dog breed can birth.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about pregnant pit bulls, including how many puppies they can birth.

How Many Puppies Can A Pitbull Have?

On average, a pregnant pit bull will birth five or six puppies per litter. However, this is just an average. Many pit bulls are capable of birthing more than ten puppies at once.

The reason why the number of puppies is such a broad range is that numerous factors can determine the size of the litter. Among these factors are:

Size Of The Pitbull

Pit bulls tend to be medium-sized dogs. Of course, even within a breed, dogs can be different sizes. Bigger pit bulls tend to produce larger litters than smaller pit bulls.

Therefore, if you want a big litter of puppies, then you should find a bigger pit bull to give birth.

The Mother’s Age

Moreover, litter sizes can be reliant on the age of the mother. Young mothers will not be able to give birth to as many puppies as a mother in her prime.

This is particularly true if the young pit bull has only just hit her age of sexual maturity. 

On the other hand, older dogs will also produce smaller litters. Though dogs can remain fertile for life, it is best to avoid having them breed over the age of 8.

This is because birth at this age raises the chance of complications during pregnancy.

The Father’s Age

While the father’s age will not impact the litter size as much as the age of the mother pit bull, it is nonetheless an influencing factor.

This is because a pit bull’s sperm count will decline as it ages. Once a pit bull reaches the age of 6 years old, its sperm will be of poorer quality. This can result in smaller litter sizes.


For a pit bull’s first pregnancy, the highest number of puppies they tend to birth is ten. When it comes to the second pregnancy, a dog is capable of having more puppies.

In fact, pit bulls can birth fourteen puppies during their second pregnancy. As a result, a pit bull’s level of experience in terms of pregnancy can have an impact on litter size.


Multiple breeding techniques can be used. This includes line breeding, which is a form of inbreeding. During line breeding, closely related breeds are bred.

Experienced breeders use this technique to ensure that certain qualities are present in the litter.

Line breeding will cause dogs to give birth to a smaller number of puppies. Namely, line breeding tends to only result in two or three puppies in per litter.

The Level Of Health

A final consideration is the health of the mother pit bull. This will affect not only the number of puppies produced but also their health.

A pit bull with bad health will not give birth to many puppies. Sadly, these puppies are also likely to be in poor health, meaning that they may struggle to survive beyond the gestation period. 

To give these puppies the best chance of survival, the mother must have a balanced diet. They should also be raised in a relaxed environment. This is because stress can negatively impact pregnancy.

How Long Are Pitbulls Pregnant?

How Long Are Pitbulls Pregnant?

Pit bulls tend to stay pregnant for between 62 and 65 days. This is approximately 2 months, which is much shorter than the human gestation period.

The length of a pit bulls pregnancy can vary between dogs, so don’t be worried if your pit bulls pregnancy period is shorter or longer than this average.

How Can You Tell If A Pit Bull Is Pregnant?

It can be hard to tell whether or not a pit bull is pregnant. After all, they cannot perform a pregnancy test themselves.

Aside from taking your pit bull to a vet or conducting a pregnancy test, there are a few signs that you can look out for to determine whether or not your pit bull is pregnant. Here are some of the key symptoms:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Enlarged stomach
  • Increased affection
  • Heightened tiredness
  • Irritation

How To Care For A Pregnant Pitbull?

A pregnant pit bull will have more demands. It is recommended that you feed a pregnant dog with high-quality dog food.

This is because, as mentioned, health is vital during pregnancy. Thus, you should aim to maximize your dog’s health by giving her plenty of nutrients.

You should also make sure that your pregnant pit bull gets sufficient exercise.

As the pregnancy progresses, your dog’s mobility will be reduced. Yet, you should encourage your dog to go for a quick walk for health reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Litters Can A Pit Bull Have?

Throughout its life, a female pit bull can birth up to ten litters. However, they are unlikely to produce this many healthy litters within their life.

Both the mother herself and the litter can become unhealthy if she continues to give birth at an old age. Therefore, this is not a realistic expectation for a dog.

At What Age Can Pit Bulls Start Giving Birth?

Pit bulls and other dog breeds reach sexual maturity at the age of 6 months, meaning that they can give birth once they reach this age.

Ideally, your dog should wait until they are a little older to get pregnant. As a consequence, it is advised that you wait for your pit bull to reach 18 months of age before they start breeding.

Final Thoughts

Pit bull puppies are sweet animals. If your pit bull is pregnant, you must research the experience. This is particularly important if you are a first-time breeder.

As a result, you should be aware of the number of puppies your pit bull is likely to produce so that you can prepare for the birth.

Emily Andrews