Best Pitbull Names

Pitbulls can be incredibly loyal and affectionate pets, thanks to their naturally loyal and sociable nature.

They can make for great lifelong companions and will fill your life with precious memories.

Best Pitbull Names

Pitbulls may have earned themselves an unfairly negative reputation over the years, but they can also be incredibly cute and friendly animals.

One of the best ways to communicate that a pitbull is friendly and kind is to give it the perfect name. 

Popular pitbulls names can vary quite massively from owner to owner.

Some owners choose to exaggerate the strong nature of the dog with the names, while others may choose to emphasize the color of the fur or the way that the dog behaves.

However, choosing the name for a pitbull is never an easy decision because it is such an important thing to consider.

So what are some of the best names that you could choose? Read on below to take a look now!


Rocky makes for a perfect name for a pitbull, because the name brings to mind images of the famous fictional character of Rocky Balboa, a boxer with tenacity, loyalty, and a willingness to never give up.

If your pitbull has an energetic nature and is already showing itself to be loyal, then Rocky could be the perfect name!


A perfect name for a long-time companion! This name makes it obvious that your precious pitbull is very special to you, and that you consider it to be a great friend. 

Buddy is also a name that has been very popular for dogs for many years, so you know that you are getting a totally relevant name! 


The name Bruce suggests an image of strength and is a perfect name for a male pitbull. The name also sounds rather sophisticated!


If you’re looking for a female name that suggests strength, then Roxy is a perfect name to use.

This name is similar in sound to ‘Rocky’ and has a strong sound to it that makes it perfect for a female pitbull. 


Lucy is a great name to opt for if you want a name for a female pitbull that is a little bit lighter and emphasizes the dog’s friendly nature.

This name is also easy to say, which makes training the dog to recognize it all the simpler!


This is actually ranked as one of the most popular names for pitbulls across the board!

The name Bella is actually derived from the Italian word for ‘Beautiful’, so if you want to constantly remind your pitbull that they are beautiful, then you cannot do better than Bella!


Perfect for both male and female pitbulls, Max is a fantastic name if you want to make your dog feel special.

The name Max is actually derived from the Latin name Maximilian, which literally translated to “Greatest”! 

Want to emphasize that your pitbull is the greatest thing in your life? Go for this name! 


Duke is an incredibly popular pitbull name, especially for male pitbulls.

The name suggests not only physical strength but also that the dog commands a level of respect, due to the royal associations that the name has.

The name Duke originates from the Latin word ‘Dux’, which refers to a leader!


Even just saying the name Apollo makes you feel powerful, so naming your dog Apollo can be a great way to exaggerate the strong build of the average pitbull.

Apollo was an iconic figure in Greek mythology, thus your pitbull could literally be named after a Greek god, and it doesn’t get cooler than that!


This is a complete shoo-in for this list, as the name Tank suggests an obvious strength and exaggerates the indomitable nature of the average pitbull.

This is one of the most popular male pitbull names around, and is a very easy name for a pitbull to latch onto and learn!


Princess is actually a very common female pitbull name, even if you may not have expected it!

Pitbulls, though they are known for their strength, are also incredibly pretty and cute dogs, so why not bring attention to that fact?

This name will make your pitbull feel truly special every time you call their name! 


Let’s end this list with a male pitbull name that truly commands respect, and will make your pitbull feel like total royalty. 

The name ‘King’ obviously has very strong royal implications that suggest an air of regality, but it is also a name that sounds powerful to say so that your dog will definitely know that it is important!

How Should You Choose A Pitbull Name?

If you are still having trouble choosing a name for your pitbull, don’t rush!

Spend some time with the pitbull, and get to know it a little better, get to know how it behaves, and what its nature is like, this will help you to figure out its character, and pick an appropriate name from there. 

You can also draw from your favorite things to pick the right name. Have a favorite movie, a favorite book, or a favorite television show?

Name your dog after a beloved character! Do you have a favorite flower? Try naming the dog after that!

The possibilities are endless for choosing a name that means something to both you and your dog!


These are just a small few of the most popular names that you can give to your pet pitbull, and each of them has a very unique meaning.

Make sure to be creative when choosing the perfect name for your new companion!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Name For A Boy Dog?

One of the most popular names for male dogs of any breed is Charlie. This is because it is a nice name that is easy to say and for the dog to learn.

How Do I Name My Dog?

Ensure that the name carries some meaning to you, to make it special, but also ensure that it is easy for the dog to learn so that you can call it.

Can A Dog Have 2 Names?

A dog can definitely have 2 names, however, you should generally aim to give your dog only one name, so that it can learn to respond to it.

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